July 2014 Meeting Round-Up


Thank you to everyone for coming to the BLPG meeting this morning and making it so vibrant. I always enjoy hearing about people’s works-in-progress, and the inevitable discussions around them never fail to be helpful and lively, not to mention supportive. It’s easy to feel disillusioned on this long-haul expedition we’ve commenced, that of writing a book. Not to mention that most of us don’t even have a map and the end can sometimes feel as if it is slipping further away, not drawing closer. Our group is a kind of safety net or ‘home base’ where we can share our experiences with others who know only too well the troughs and crests of this voyage.

Congratulations to Elizabeth on publication of her book, ‘A Different Shade of Seeing’, soon to be launched through Equilibrium Books. You can read more about Elizabeth’s book and purchase it by clicking here.


A special thank you to Leonard, Emily and Matt for reading their work this morning. It benefits us as writers to read our work out loud, especially to an audience, and it’s lovely, too, for writers to hear others’ stories.

Congratulations to Lynne for being Highly Commended in the recent Hadow-Stuart Competition, and to Leonard, Glen and Pat for your Honourable Mentions. You can read more about the Competition and the winning entries here.

As you know, Dr Dawn Barker will be joining us for next month’s meeting. Her latest novel, ‘Let Her Go’ was released last month, following the huge success of her first novel, ‘Fractured’. She is also visiting the Bookcaffé (137 Claremont Crescent, Swanbourne) on Monday, July 28th, 10am, to talk about the themes in her latest novel and the path to writing it. Pop in for a coffee and buy a copy of Dawn’s book at 10% discount.

So, join us next month, August 17th, for Dawn’s talk and a performance of Glen’s monologue (following it’s dazzling debut at the ‘Blue Room’). I’m sure we’ll have time to squeeze in some free discussion, too.