Member News: Review of ‘A Different Shade of Seeing’


As you know, Elizabeth Brennan (a long term member of the BLPG) published her memoir, ‘A Different Shade of Seeing’, in July this year. Elaine Fry has written a glowing review of Elizabeth’s book in today’s West Australian:

Review of book

Elaine writes that ‘A Different Shade of Seeing’ is:

‘A combination of memoir, philosophical reflections and historical background with travelogue, WA author Brennan documents her visit to Ireland to see her old friend and former Girrawheen parish priest, Tom. Well-written and interesting, this memoir beautifully showcases Ireland, evoking a yearning to explore all this country has to offer with its wealth of history, landscapes and towns, people and pubs. Brennan has done the Irish proud, paying tribute to her ancestral roots, and linking past and present in an attempt to better understand her heritage. Her biography serves as an excellent introduction to Ireland with a very personal touch.’

Couldn’t ask for better than that! (I still have this book sitting on my bedside table—I promise I’ll read it in 2015, Elizabeth!)

You can find ‘A Different Shade of Seeing’ at Equilibrium Books, $25.95 or ebook $3.99.



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