My apologies for being so late with the summary from our meeting last month—I’ve been concentrating on editing my novel, so everything else slid from the radar, and then I was away for the school holidays. Better late than never though …


Congratulations to Leonard Goulds, whose short story, ‘Watercolour’, was Highly Commended in the Stringybark short story awards in 2014 and has just been published in their collection called ‘No Tea Tomorrow’.

No Tea tomorrow JPG small-2

You can read a list of the winners here: http://www.stringybarkstories.net/books/short-story-award-2014.html


We welcomed new members, Belinda and Ginie. Belinda is writing a novel and Ginie is writing a non-fiction book about her grandfather’s travels around the world in 1896-97.


We discussed pitching our manuscripts to agents and publishers. I read out the pitch I’d written to contact an agent. It did the job, in that the agent asked for the rest of the manuscript! I won’t include it here, but let me know if you’d like a copy and I can email it to you.

Since our last meeting, Natasha Lester’s online course on Pitching to Agents and Publishers has become available through the Australian Writers’ Centre. It costs $147, and if you’re at that stage, it might be money well-spent as you often only get one chance with an agent. Click here for more information, including a detailed course outline.

On the Handy Websites for Writers page of this blog, I’ve included a list of sites where you might find agents. On the same page, I’ve also made a list publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts (i.e., manuscripts directly from the author and not through an agent), and a list of awards and development programmes for unpublished manuscripts.

On that note, applications for the QWC-Hachette Manuscript Development Programme and for the Richell Prize for Emerging Writers are open at the moment. Click on the links for more information.

Please note the change of week for our next meeting, and that it’s coming up this Sunday, 26th July, 10am-12:30pm.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!


2 thoughts on “JUNE MEETING ROUND-UP

  1. Margaret OBrien

    Morning, Louise. I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll be attending the meeting this morning. I was going to point members to a podcast from Margaret Throsby’s midday interview on ABC Classic FM. She interview a guy by the name of Simon Paterson earlier this month. He speaks about fonts and I think any writer would find it fascinating. Here’s a link to the podcast if anyone’s interested.


    Have a good meeting and hope to see you next month.



    • Thanks for letting us know, Margaret, and we missed your presence this morning. As it happened, we were locked out and had to convene in the nearby Kirkwood Deli. But after the inauspicious start, it turned out to be a lovely meeting.

      I’ll post a link to this interview in the write-up, if you like. I’m a fan of Margaret Throsby’s interviews, too.

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