My apologies for the lateness of this round-up. I’m getting slower with writing up our monthly meeting—I have no excuses, except: busy life …

We had a small hiccough at the last meeting, in that we were locked out of Mattie’s. That didn’t deter us, and we decamped to the Kirkwood Deli down the road. The bonus was we were able to imbibe some seriously good coffee!

We chatted about our projects—Liz has written a stage play based on one of Peter Cowan’s short stories, and it will be performed at the Joondalup Library. I’ll keep you posted about the date for that performance.

We also discussed research for writers working on an historical novel, and how the Battye Library is an extremely useful resource. Writers can apply for special access to the historical records which are kept on the third floor.

A reminder, too, about the Dorothy Hewett Award, which is a new prize for unpublished manuscripts run by UWA Press. Submissions have opened and will close on September 4th. See the link for more information and how to submit. Also, there’s an information night this Thursday, 13th August, at the ABC Studios, during which there will be a writers’ forum and Terri Ann White will discuss what the judges will be looking for in submissions. Here’s the link to more about the information night.

The other thing I should mention is that we now have a WA-based literary agent: Clive Newman. Clive is based in Fremantle and already represents a number of local authors. You can read more about him on his website by following the link.

Our next meeting is this coming Sunday, 16th August. Hoping to see you all then.

PS. Some of you were emailed the unfinished post and I apologise—I accidentally pressed ‘Publish’ instead of ‘Save Draft’.