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Hi fellow book length writers,

In our May meeting,held at Tom Collins house, we said our fondest farewells to Louise and celebrated her amazing contribution to our group over the past few years. She will be very much missed by us all I’m sure and we can’t wait to have her visit as our guest speaker when her first novel comes out next year.

The June meeting  was the first one for myself and Bruce to co-facilitate as a couple of volunteers attempting to do our best. We really appreciated the warm support of the writers who were present as we made our initial steps into our new role.

As we don’t consider ourselves any where near Louise’s literary league, we have set a about creating a slightly new agenda that we feel we can manage. Our main focus being on the aspects or pillars of your manuscript either your own or published work relating to: 1. Plot-Causality, twist, reversal. 2. Dialogue-Set the scene, progress the plot, reveal the characters, foreshadow conflict, provide exposition. 3. Character development-Motivations of different characters. 4. Exposition-Backstory, but show don’t tell.

We will also continue to ask writers to read out their pieces considering the above pillars in mind and which aspect they are focused upon in their piece. Each writer will be given a set time to read so that we have time for as many as possible and for discussion afterwards. Our readers were Leonard and Connor who both focused upon their character’s development.

At the June meeting we also shared information on resources about writing you can find on YouTube and Bruce showed us how to use Siri on your iPhone to read back your recent writing to you.

Our next BLP group will be on Sunday July 16th at 10 am to 12 Noon.

To access some of the wonderful things happening at FAWWA please go to their website or better still, sign up for the newsletter: http://www.fawwa.org









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