Hi fellow book length writers,

In our August meeting we began by sharing any news and about our various writing concerns and projects. Our discussion ranged from subjects such as mastering the art of writing to what do you submit? and how do you know when it’s good writing? Bell gave a reading and asked for some constructive criticism on her use of ‘show don’t tell’. Tarsha share about a U.W.A  on-line course she did entitled “Writing like a pro”.     We welcomed our new member Trine, who is into Fantasy writing.

Our guest author was Sarah Drummond who was great at sharing a lot about her story and progression as a writer from the Albany area. She spoke of how to her the landscape itself became a fundamental character in her story telling. Her first book Salt she described as a narrative fiction. She spoke about her love of the sea and being on the water fishing at night as a magical experience. Sarah began writing about this subject daily by simply blogging and discovered other people really got into it and realised our lives are interesting or even exotic to some one, for example, living in a densely populated city in Europe. To turn this into a book took around 18 months with a lot of hard work.

Sarah’s tips on writing were to blog at least once a week and to follow other’s blogs too and start conversations. She blogs about what’s happening in her life. Her book Salt emerged from blogging and came out in 2013. Sarah’s tips on narrative are to find the other’s voice, listen for cadence of speech, that your landscape is a character and a motivator.   Sarah treated us to a reading from her recent book The Sound.

Our next BLP group will be on Sunday September 17th at 10 am to 12 noon. 

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