A selection of websites useful for writers. (Please let us know if you’ve found more to add to the list.)

Australian Sites:

Aerogramme Writers’ Studio

Aerogramme Writers’ Studio publishes news, writing tips and resources for emerging and established writers. Every two months the site posts a list of upcoming publication and competition opportunities for writers.

Fictioner’s Net

Nick Hudson’s blog on writing craft and process. It was a finalist in the Australian Writers’ Centre’s Best Australian Blogs of 2014 competition.

Natasha Lester

Natasha is a local WA writer and a brilliant writing teacher, and her site brims with wonderful tips on writing. This, by the way, is one of my favourite sites for writers.

Small Blue Dog Publishing

Small Blue Dog Publishing is a small publishing company based in Brisbane and run by Belinda Pollard. The website offers wide-ranging tips on writing, editing, beta reading, publishing, including self-publishing, and marketing.

The Writers Bloc

Writers Bloc is a site where you can develop your writing anonymously, read stories for free, and create collectives with other emerging writers.

International Sites:

Books and Such Literary Management

An American site with handy tips for writers especially about what agents and publishers are looking for.

Jane Friedman

On editing and polishing your work for publication.

Jeff Goins

An American writer and blogger with articles on writing, ideas, and making a difference. When you sign up for Jeff’s free email newsletter, he’ll send you two free eBooks: The Writer’s Manifesto and Wrecked for the Ordinary.

Literary Citizenship

An American site with articles about writing, blogging, publishing, and also on reviewing others’ books.

Lit Reactor

LitReactor is an American site with an interactive online community for writers and readers. It features an online magazine, columns about writing craft, the publishing industry, books, and other literature-related items. You can also join online writing classes and an online discussion forum.

Mudpie Writing

Writer Marcy McKay gives tips for writers and, if you sign up to her newsletter, she’ll email a free copy of her book: Writing Naked: One Writer Dares to Bare All.

Nathan Bransford

A highly successful blog by a published author on all things writing-related. As an aside, the graphics for his posts are always beautiful artworks.

The Write Life

An American site mainly about blogging and how to build an author platform. It also has articles on the craft of writing and on self-publishing.

The Write Practice

Another all-in-one American site about writing and the writing life, with writing prompts and tutorials on characterisation, grammar, short story writing, and interviewing.

The Writer’s Workshop Series by Ted-Ed

A series of short videos on grammar and writing.

Writers’ Digest

Has loads of great articles on writing in any and every genre and form.

Writer Unboxed

A one-stop-shop for writers with articles on writing by a number of guest authors.

Your Writer Platform

On building an author platform.



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